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Pikmin 4, July 22

Image by Nintendo

Revealed during the Nintendo Direct, this February 8, Pikmin 4 showcased a new trailer and confirmed its release date for July 22, 2023. Nintendo revealed new Pikmin types, new enemies, and a new friendly face that brings in new mechanics and gameplay options.

Image by Nintendo

Meet Oatchi, our adorable new dog-like companion. This yellow critter, sporting the charming red collar, serves a few new game mechanics such as supporting a limited number of Pikmin and the player across bodies of water that would normally drown our plant-based allies, breaking through barriers in our path, and being able to carry items back to the ship. We don't know if Oatchi has a limit on these abilities, as we see him being equal to exactly 10, out of the 10 needed Pikmin, to carry an item away. His adorable presence will surely make finding treasures and castaways on PNF-404 a lot more fun!

Image by Nintendo

Alongside Oatchi, we were also introduced to new Pikmin! Ice Pikmin were introduced, giving us a total of 8 Pikmin species to play with alongside our classic Red, Blue, and Yellow, and the newer White, Purple, Rock, and Flying Pikmin. Ice Pikmin have the cryogenic power to completely encase enemy creatures in solid ice, either by being eaten or dealing enough ice damage. The ice holds enemies in place for a limited time so we can escape or prepare an all-out assault! Their feisty frost isn't limited to predators, either, as we can see them being used to freeze bodies of water solid, providing us with a surface to safely run across. Destroying frozen enemies reduces them to nectar, their shattered bodies unsuitable for growing our 8 armies of Pikmin, quite similar to how Ultra-Bitter Spray works.

Image by Nintendo

With these new Pikmin, and the new area on PNF-404, We are also introduced to some changes to the Onion! The Master Onion, introduced in Pikmin 3, has been changed in design, looking more like its plant-based origins than it did in Pikmin 3.

Image by Nintendo

Alongside these we also caught a glimpse at a new boss, The Raving Longlegs, a giant member of the Arachnorb species who slams his glowing, color-shifting body into the ground in an attempt to destroy us and our Pikmin. Though not much else is known about this battle outside of what we can see in the short glimpse from the trailer.

From what you've seen so far, you've also likely noticed the new camera angle! Gone are the top-down views we're familiar with and here is the new from-behind 3rd person camera, allowing us to explore this beautiful backyard more personally.

Night-Time Gameplay was also shown with Pikmin 4's new trailer from the battle against Raving Longlegs and the end stinger with the red-eyed Bulblax! Enemies appear to become more dangerous, and ravenous, at night changing how we need to approach the nocturnal predators of PNF-404!

Pikmin 4 is available for Pre-Orders today!

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