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Pioner, Everything We Know

Image by GFA Game Studio

Back in 2017 production on a survival-FPS game called Pioner began. Pioner is an open-world MMOFPS inspired by games like Escape from Tarkov, Stalker, and Metro. GFA Game Studio, a Russian game development team, is debuting with their first product being an MMO, a risky move for any team. The game features survival mechanics, online play, and medium-scale firefighting as players gun their way across The Island to find resources to survive in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Image by GFA Game Studio

The games take place on an old Soviet island separated from the mainland. After a massive technogenic anomaly that wreaks havoc permanently locks down the island, you must reconnect with your fellow operatives and investigate the mysterious MOGILNIK ("Burial Ground") Station.

Image by GFA Game Studio

During PvE content players will explore the ruined overworld, Soviet labs, and abandoned homes and towns to collect information, resources, and equipment. Four factions vie for control of the island, so there's never a safe moment between the bandits, the disgraced, the mutants, and factions. Raids will be present in the game, represented by more linear runs through labs and scenes providing bountiful rewards, a classic MMO Staple. Hunting mutants and bandits for goods and basics will also be present.

Image by GFA Game Studio

PvP makes its appearance in the dreaded Empty Lands, a null-sec area where players can find some of the best loot, if they don't kill each other for it first.

For player-progression we aren't given stats and levels in the normal sense, outside of skill trees which unlock new perks and benefits. Instead, we have Influence levels which unlock our quests and allow us to progress the story of the game.

Image by GFA Game Studio

The time of day also affects the world, some mutants only available during specific times - such as the Leshiy, the most dangerous creature on the island. NPCs will also change other behaviors such as shops closing, bandits being more active, and more.

Pioner is announced to release sometime this year, 2023. We will do our best to keep all of you updated with news regarding the upcoming MMOFPS!

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