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The Day Before, Gameplay Here

Not too long ago, Fntastic released a 10-minute gameplay video, albeit after many delays, finally demonstrating some of the gameplay the game will have.

Image by Fntastic

When we saw the gameplay, it followed a female Player-Character entering a suburban town home to modify her AK, showing off the crafting menu screen. We also got to see some of the looting, inventory, combat against zombies, and some traversal through a large city.

Shortly afterward, Fntastic released some screenshots to their Twitter showing the city, what is presumed to be a safe zone, and what we believe to be an NPC. They also released a short 30-second clip showing a video of one of their staff playing the game.

Image by Fntastic

The gameplay was met with much derision, however, as the gameplay looks overall underwhelming and showed no PvP, NPC interaction, or player interaction. Many have said that this looks like every other zombie shooter and brings nothing new to the table, and some even having flashbacks to "The War Z", another online zombie shooter that was riddled with issues, predatory marketing, and unhandled hacking.

What Fntastic needs to do now is take their role as game developers seriously and release the footage of natural gameplay demonstrating that the promised features are present currently such as PvP, server connectivity, and the large-scale firefights players are expecting and be more concise and clear in their communications with the community.

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Feb 02, 2023

Dogshit lookin' game. Might as well play State of Decay.

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