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The Day Before Steals Call of Duty Trailer Scenes

Shortly after the long-anticipated gameplay reveal of Fntastic's "The Day Before", a game steeped in controversy over the lack of authenticity and bizarre interactions with skeptics of the game's large project scope, some viewers noticed something strangely familiar with the gameplay videos opening scene.

The quick 1-to-2 second flashes of video appear to be frame-for-frame recreations of scenes from the trailer for the "Zombies" reveal for "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War". Taking Inspirations in game development is nothing new, however 1-to-1 copies are rarely as flattering as they are suspicious, and not a good move when you're under fire.

This prompted others to look back at other marketing material, still using the name "The Day Before" despite the trademark dispute still in effect, according to Fntastic.

The game also copies the poster for Tom Clancy's "The Division", and others pointing out the blinding similarity in the title's font design to Naughty Dog's "The Last of Us."

The Division, above. The Day Before, below.

The new flare of controversy may have undone the good graces Fntastic hoped to earn with the gameplay video, which others have called "another walking simulator," calling out the lack of action in the gameplay.

The Day Before, above. Resident Evil 2, below.

On the other hand, having the gameplay video at all has left other would-be players excited for the game's November release, anticipating the long-delayed Action-Survival MMO.

The Day Before, above. Snow Runner, below

Here at Virtizi, we plan to take a good look at the game once it's released and to give a thorough breakdown and analysis of the game in an objective and rubricked review.

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