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Atomic Heart, February 2023

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

February 21, 2023, we will see the well-anticipated release of Atomic Heart, developed by Cyprus-based Mundfish. Atomic Heart is the team's first game release.

Originally debuting in 2019, Atomic Heart swept the world with its imagination of an alternate universe where the Soviet Union beat Nazi Germany in 1941 using advanced robotics, at the cost of a large swathe of the Soviet population. In response to the loss of life, the Soviet Union sought to automate the labor force and a version of the internet called "The Collectiv 1.0" which worked as a hivemind for their new mechanical workforce.

Thanks to the automated workforce, technology advanced in the 40s to an extreme degree, allowing Dr. Dmitry Sechenov to develop the "neuro-polymer", programmable synthetic flesh. A believer in collective consciousness theories, Dr. Sechenov develops an enhanced version of "Collectiv" with a 2.0 version, with a focus on allowing one to enhance their knowledge with the collective consciousness.

Players take control of Major Nechaev, dubbed P-3, who is tasked by Dr. Sechenov to access Facility 3826 and stabilize it, all-the-while fending off haywire robots, biomechanical monstrosities, and his own fragile mental state.

Using the Neuro-Polymer glove, and an assortment of firearms, players embark in gameplay similar to Bioshock, featuring powerful abilities like Telekinesis, Electrokinesis, and Cryokinesis that can be used in combat against uniquely designed era-thematic enemies.

Many look forward to the game, wanting to recapture the lightning-in-a-bottle that was Bioshock's story, themes, and gameplay. Others are skeptical, with Mundfish being a relatively new team that abandoned their VR title "Soviet Lunapark" in 2018 to work on Atomic Heart.

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