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No Man's Sky 4.1: Fractal Update

Image by Hello Games

Yesterday the labor-of-love gem that is "No Man's Sky", developed by Hello Games, released the new 4.1 update dubbed "Fractal." Fractal brings us new features, more fidelity, a new expedition, and more.

The biggest chunk of the latest expansion of No Man's Sky is the new "Utopia" expedition. The new expedition has you working for the Utopia Foundation in the long-abandoned Bakkin System, attempting to rebuild the derelict city of Utopia. The wilds of Utopia are far more dangerous than the wilderness of other planets we've been to, crafting items requires us to be within the shelter of the city, and the rewards for venturing out are great.

Image by Hello Games

Our hard work won't go unpaid, as we are rewarded with a new speeder that can race across the surfaces of planets with haste. We also get a new robot companion, and a holographic pal to plug into our base.

Tired of scanning? We also get the new Analysis Visor's ability to passively scan as we roam about, collecting credits as we go, a definite help for collecting 100% of all the new species and minerals on planets.

The new Fearsome Visor cosmetic
Image by Hello Games

On top of a bunch of Quality-of-Life features and tweaks that make the game even easier to enjoy, we also get some overhauled features for the Virtual Reality function of the game, a perfect celebration of the new PSVR 2 system. Upgraded textures, improved particles, terrain tessellation, increased planet details, higher draw distances, and we're only touching the surface!

Image by Hello Games

You can check out every update detail here!

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